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Allegro Altissimo at a glance
  • AllegroAltissimo is an independent firm dedicated to Public Relation and competitive intelligence
  • We help clients forge relationships with opinion leaders, partners within their ecosystem and policy makers to achieve their economic and political objectives.
  • We are building our reputation on excellence, creativity and transparency
  • We build relationships for our clients with multiple stakeholders through dialogue and the implementation of mutually beneficial initiatives.
  • We create programs to influence public opinion, promote regulatory and legislative initiatives, build reputations, position litigation and manage issues.
  • We enlist today's most credible spokespersons - average people, consumers, individuals and organizations involved in decision making, bloggers and online conversationalists as well as recognized experts - to build brands and corporate reputation from the bottom up.
  • We measure the depth of impressions and strength of stakeholder relationships, not just message frequency and recall.

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