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Round Table Discussions

May 9th, 2012 - Zurich


How pharma and other stakeholders could work more effectively in generating data in real life to demonstrate attractive cost/benefit ratio

  • How can we build win-win-win partnerships to generate clinical and health economic data in the real life,
  • What is at stake? (Epidemiology, Safety monitoring, Sustainable market access conditions, medical practice evaluation, HTA, dissemination of innovation….)
  • What are innovative practices
  • What do we need to efficiently cooperate (patient groups, academic research organizations, scientific societies, health authorities, payers, health care providers and industry)
  • What does it take to create trust and move forward?


  • Susan Knox, European Breast Cancer Coalition..
  • A EMA representative
  • Philippe Fonjallaz, MerckSerono
  • Alex Stojanovic, Grunenthal
  • Herve Drevot
Conference KOL & Stakeholder engagement 2012

February 21-22nd, 2012 - Zurich


Developing healthy relationships with stakeholders Where does Pharma stand?

  • What do the stakeholders want from pharma?
  • What about the value gap?
  • How to evaluate success?
  • What capabilities do you need to build to develop successful partnerships?
Conference KOL Best practices Summit

February 9-10th, 2012 - Barcelona


Harnessing collaborative initiatives to provide benefits to patients and develop healthy relationship with KOL's

  • Co-creating value
  • Examples of innovative pratices
  • Implications whithin practices

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