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Public Relation
  • Disease awareness: We design and deliver compelling disease awareness initiatives that engage patients, caregivers and other important audiences. We educate people about their conditions and therapies in a way that's meaningful and relevant to help them manage their health more actively.


  • Advocacy: We manage and lead multiple coalitions comprised of key players in the healthcare arena, including medical specialty societies and other provider organizations, trade associations, patient advocacy groups, not-for-profit foundations and many others.


  • Public Affairs: We take a comprehensive, 360° view of the business, media and policy climates to develop integrated public affairs initiatives. We bring together a team of policy and communications specialists with in-depth expertise and understanding of healthcare issues, grassroots advocacy, alliance development, media relations and government affairs. Our team knows how to reach health policy influencers, has the experience to engage key constituencies, and understands how to work seamlessly with government relations teams.
  •
    Competitive Intelligence

    Why Competitive Intelligence?

    • Using secondary research as a launching pad, we add unique value through intensive primary research. We creatively identify and interview a variety of industry participants-including direct competitors—to provide a well-rounded, corroborated view of the salient competitive issues. We use ethical means to gather hard-to-find information on markets and competitors. Our vertical industry specialists then analyze the findings, add insights, demonstrate clear implications to the client, and work with decision makers to develop action plans and strategies.


    How AllegroAltissimo can help you?

    • AllegroAltissimo helps our clients in the design and implementation of an organized mechanism to capture and use intelligence. We assist decision makers in the interpretation of signals from the environment to understand and anticipate industry change.

    • AllegroAltissimo provides education and networking opportunities for business professionals working in the rapidly growing field of competitive intelligence


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