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Public Relation
  • Disease awareness: We design and deliver compelling disease awareness initiatives that engage patients, caregivers and other important audiences. We educate people about their conditions and therapies in a way that's meaningful and relevant to help them manage their health more actively.


  • Advocacy: We manage and lead multiple coalitions comprised of key players in the healthcare arena, including medical specialty societies and other provider organizations, trade associations, patient advocacy groups, not-for-profit foundations and many others.


  • Public Affairs: We take a comprehensive, 360° view of the business, media and policy climates to develop integrated public affairs initiatives. We bring together a team of policy and communications specialists with in-depth expertise and understanding of healthcare issues, grassroots advocacy, alliance development, media relations and government affairs. Our team knows how to reach health policy influencers, has the experience to engage key constituencies, and understands how to work seamlessly with government relations teams.

  • “Beyond the pill communication”: Our clients are facing growing pressure to differentiate their products and services and to demonstrate value to healthcare professional and payer audiences. Our expertise in building partnerships and collaborative programs with clinical and payer professionals stretch across multiple disease areas and markets. Our hallmark is membership-based, enduring programs that are built on shared objectives. It is these programs, some of which span more than four years, that drive positive reputation for our clients and form the basis of practice and environment shaping activities, from improved diagnosis and treatment guidelines to service redesign. Our expertise and approach combines market access and medical communications to ensure initiatives are developed with a deep understanding of the customer need and a robust, evidence-based approach.edical communications to ensure initiatives are developed with a deep understanding of the customer need and a robust, evidence-based approach.


  • Corporate communication: AllegroAltissimo has a profound understanding of the healthcare marketplace by staying abreast of trends in healthcare regulatory policy, shifts in popular culture and changes in public perception. We provide media counsel and outreach to our clients expand their corporate visibility, reputation and position in the marketplace

  • KOLs preparation: We work side by side with our clients to prepare spokespeople to deliver highly impactful messages to convey corporate values and strategy

  • Measurement: Our approach in terms of measurement and impact evaluation goes beyond documenting the results of media outreach to also measuring the outcomes of relationships developed. We design and evaluate metrics to provide an indication of the success of efforts in building awareness, understanding and commitment among various groups of stakeholders. We use a point system to reflect the relative significance and impact of actions taken by either internal or external stakeholders, yielding insights on how the work drove the target audience to engage. Metrics have become a planning tool, providing data to evaluate learnings while the parameters provide a baseline for the specific timeframe outlined and allow for comparison in future periods to illustrate how the program's efforts continue to move the needle over time.

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